TONIGHT: Maplewood's Beatrice Miller Advances on X Factor

Local teen will sing on live show airing Nov. 1


Maplewood Middle School student Beatrice ("Bea") Miller has made her way to the final 16 contestants on The X Factor. The 13-year-old will perform live on national television on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Recently, Bea's mother, Kim Miller, assembled some of Bea's friends and family to wish her luck outside her favorite hang out, Strawberry Fields frozen yogurt shop in Maplewood. Thanks to local photographer Joy Yagid for sharing the photos with Patch.

Bea lives in Maplewood with Kim, her other mother Hilery Kipnis and her sisters, twins Georgia and Esther.

Kipnis is with Bea in L.A. now, where the show is filming, and Miller will fly out on November 3 -- right after finishing up a DJ gig at the South Orange Elks -- to catch Bea's second live performance on Nov. 4.

"Bea's rise is truly unbelievable but it really doesn't surprise me at all," said Miller.  "I can remember being pregnant with her and piping all kinds of songs, through headphones, to my belly and hoping she would develop the same kind of love and appreciation for music that i have always had." 

Last week's episode showing the selection of the final 16 was cut short because of the rain delay of the NLCS game; that episode will be broadcast in its entirety on Tuesday, Oct. 23 on FOX at 9:30 p.m. After that, the next time to see Miller perform is the Nov. 1 live show. For more specifics about the rest of the schedule, visit the website.

In the meantime, check the YouTube video attached to this article to learn more about Bea's rise to the top on X Factor.


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