Equipment Malfunction Kills TV Broadcast

A Verizon equipment malfunction left Maplewood unable to broadcast on local access channel 24.

The Township of Maplewood lost its ability to broadcast meetings on the local access channel due to a Verizon Equipment malfunction.

The malfunction on January first left the Township unable to broadcast on channel 24. An important component has to be replaced by Verizon in order for the Township to transmit.

"Verizon has been very receptive and technicians were at Town Hall yesterday (1/7/2014) working with us to address this problem," the town said in a written statement.

"We anticipate that the situation will be corrected by next week and that we will be able to go out live for the next Township Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 21st," they added.
Liz January 09, 2014 at 07:30 AM
I have had a very noisy phone lan line for the last few days, could this have been the cause of my issue? Sounded like there were people talking in the background.


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