Local Ladies Set to Strip IN PUBLIC ‘About Town’

Floods Hill will be awash in white brassieres 10/1…here’s why!

On October 1 at 9 a.m., a bevy of bold, brave gals will gather at in South Orange to show their support (and undergarments) for breast cancer awareness.

The Undress for Success’ event hopes to bring together hundreds of women who will take off their tops to pose in white bras for a frontal flashing ‘flash mob’ photo op that will be chronicled by acclaimed photographer – and Maplewoodian - .

The bra-zilliant idea is the brain child of , a longtime Komen North Jersey supporter and co-captain of “SOMA Gals”, a team made up of members from our two towns which has helped raise thousands of dollars for the Affiliate’s annual Race for the Cure. “I wanted to do something different.” says Dalvi of the upcoming event. “Something bigger and better that would garner a lot of attention.”

Attention she hope will generate donations and awareness about the disease which has touched Dalvi on a very personal level, “My mother passed away from breast cancer and a close friend has been affected as well,” she explains. “Yeah, we’re trying to raise money but if we can also get women to go get mammograms I’ll be happy.”

Dalvi hopes that hundreds of folks will flock to Floods Hill to take part in the powerful statement – men are invited to attend, too, in white tank tops. The undergarments will then be colorized to stand out in the black and white photographs with all of the bras tinted pink (participating men will be in light blue tank tops). The signed, limited edition prints will be available for purchase at $25 for an 8.5” x 11” and $40 for an 11” x 14”. All proceeds from the sale of the prints will benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure North Jersey Affiliate.

South Orange vendors are getting in on the action, too, with many offering items for a raffle which will take place at the event.” is donating a gorgeous watch,” says Dalvi, who also point out that the event will bring extra business to local shops. “We hope to get a great turnout, and all those people will want coffee!”

What she doesn’t want, though, is people to show up in nothing BUT bras: “It’s more of a ‘flash mob’,” she explains. “Wear a hoodie or shirt OVER your bra – we’re flashing for the camera, not the world!”

And the thought's already making me flash a smile – what a great idea for a great cause.

Who's in, gals?! Cause we're all in this together...

To participate or find out more, email undressforsuccess@komennorthjersey.org or visit www.komennorthjersey.org.


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