Art for a Cause: Auction to Benefit Kohl Angelo

Geralyn’s Art Studio to host charity auction on Saturday night in Maplewood.

Geralyn’s Art Studio is hosting a charity auction on Saturday, June 23, to benefit Kohl Angelo, a 12-year-old Maplewood boy being treated for a rare cancer. Nearly 20 local artists are contributing works for the benefit, which will be held 7-10 p.m. at Geralyn’s studio, 103 Baker St., Maplewood.

Geralyn Robinson says, “The  Angelo  family's world was turned  upside down  and  inside  out  as  they  pressed forward  to  understand  the  disease  and  find  the  best possible  course  of  treatment  for  Kohl,  an  A  student,  a  thriving  soccer  player,  brother  to  Austin  and  Branden.”

The family sought treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis,  Tenn.,  for eight  weeks, where  Kohl took the  last  place  in  a  trial  program  for  children.

The  good  news, Robinson reports: The  tumor has  shrunk almost  60 percent. Kohl  is  back  in  Maplewood,  doing  things  a  boy   should   be   doing. He's  begun  a  new   course   of   treatment   at   NYU   Cancer  Institute. As   an  added  measure,  Kohl's   new   "normal"  involves  a  comprehensive   program  to  strengthen his immune system.

“This  is  nothing short  of  a  miracle,  and  the  Angelo's  are  doing  everything  they  can  to  make  their Triplet,  the  Trifecta of Success," Robinson said.

The  bad  news: Most   of   Kohl's   current  treatment  to  tackle  the   remaining  40 percent  of  the   tumor   and   keeping  it  from  advancing  is  not  covered  by  insurance,  and  this  illness  has  taken  a  financial  toll.

 “The  Angelo's   are   grateful   for   all  that  they  have  received  by  our   wonderful  community,” Robinson said.

 A sampling of the art work donated for the auction are pictured. Artists contributing are:

  • Rick Parker
  • Erin Rogers Pickering
  • Karen Fuchs
  • Lisa Pressman
  • Tara O'Leary
  • Howard Stein
  • Phyllis Carlin
  • Geralyn Robinson
  • Patricia Quirk
  • Sarah Petruziello
  • Elizabeth Carol Winchester
  • Ruth Southwick
  • Suzanne Henning
  • Susan Napack
  • Cathleen McCoy Bristol
  • Alison Golder
  • Sheila Beatty
  • Helen Harvey
Geralyn Robinson June 22, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Th e following artists have also donated art for tomorrow auction Joy Yagid Laura Lou Levy Susan C Harris Jamie Kohl Louis Toleda Hope you can make it Geralyn
Geralyn Robinson June 24, 2012 at 03:34 PM
I would like to THANK all who came and supported this fundraiser for Kohl Angelo. It was a very special evening. Thanks go to the artists who donated their work, all the "worker bees" who were there to help hang the work, brought food, help setup, hang lights from trees, the folks at the HK Foundation and all helped make this evening go smoothly and successful. It was truly a very "Special Evening"


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