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Local Green Teams Present "TRASHED" Documentary in Millburn Tonight

The Maplewood, South Orange and Millburn Green Teams are showing the film "Trashed", an environmental documentary on world-wide waste on Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Millburn Green Team
Photo Credit: Millburn Green Team

The Green Teams of Millburn, Maplewood and South Orange will host a free screening of “TRASHED”, an environmental documentary, tonight at 7p.m. at the Millburn Public Library located at 200 Glen Ave.

“TRASHED” is a film about an investigator and guide, played by Jeremy Irons, who explores the global waste crisis and the environmental and human costs of mankind’s excessive generation and irresponsible disposal of waste materials.

The film is of acute relevance for Essex County, where the great majority of waste is burned and recycling occurs far less frequently than is possible, according to a press release about the screening. The film also charts a course of true sustainability that focuses on waste prevention and recycling. 

The Millburn Township Green Team and green teams from Maplewood and South Orange are sponsoring the event. The Millburn Township Green Team was created after Millburn became a Sustainable New Jersey community. The group is working hard to educate the community on non-wasteful living.

“The green team was created to facilitate Millburn becoming bronze and silver certified under Sustainable New Jersey,” Rene Paparian, Millburn Green Team member, said in a phone interview with Patch. “It is voluntary for municipalities to take part in the Sustainable New Jersey program and we were recently renamed bronze and are working toward silver certification.”

The Green team thrives on educating and promoting sustainable living in many areas, according to Paparian, including showing the film “TRASHED”.

“Tonight’s film touches on every area of sustainable living,” Paparian said.

Claudia Thornton, member of the Millburn Green Team, is presenting the film and stated in a phone interview with Patch that the film focuses on waste and how it is a big problem throughout the world.

“The film centers on the fact that there is a world-wide problem of waste and what we throw away and how it is handled in landfills,” Thornton said. “It causes serious toxic ramification for human health around the world and even animal life. It ends up affecting all living things on earth.”

Thornton also stated the film presents ways people could change the way they handle waste.

“There are ways people can change their habits to not waste and that is in the film also,” Thornton said.

There will be a no waste refreshment stand available for film attendees to enjoy.

Thornton stated the refreshment stand includes sustainable refreshments and no waste.

“Everything we drink tonight will be tap water and will be in reusable cups that will be saved and washed for use again and we will provide snacks that are finger foods so plates will not be needed,” Thornton said. “We try and set an example by this for our guests and we want them to go home and have no waste refreshment stands as well.

The green team is hoping residents take advantage of the event to learn more about waste and how to limit it.

“The toxic chemicals from waste that are released in the air and soil is a serious health hazard in relation to it causing birth defects, nervous system problems and contamination of water and soil,” Thornton said. “This is subjected to our foods and it is passed on.” 

“TRASHED” will also be shown at Millburn High School on Feb. 10 at 3 p.m.

For more information, please contact millburntownshipgreenteam@gmail.com.   


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