Meet the Artist: Joy Yagid

Joy Yagid is participating in the SOMA Artists Tour on Sunday.

Over the past eight years, the phrase “the first Sunday in June” has become synonymous with the visual arts in South Orange and Maplewood. This is the day reserved for the popular . Newly improved and sporting a new logo, the 2012 tour boasts an expanded website with interactive maps and artist information, and one additional and particularly welcome new feature: this years’ South Orange Maplewood  will be free for visitors. Visit the site to plan your tour.

In anticipation of the event, a number of artists were willing to answer questions about their work and what they will be showing on the studio tour this year.  Here is an interview with Joy Yagid.

How would you describe your artwork on twitter (140 characters or less)?

"I like light. Light likes me. Light and me are on a perpetual spree." 

Do you have a favorite artist?  Who and how has that artist inspired your own work?

Georgia O'Keeffe - Her paintings are simple yet she manages to capture the soul of the thing she painted. 

When did you start making art?

I guess when I was 8 and picked up my dad's Kodak Brownie. 

What compels you to create?

I don't know - I just see it and need to try to 'capture it.' 

If you knew you would never sell another work of art, would you continue to make art?

Sure. But selling is really nice. 

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

The Aurora Borealis was pretty amazing. Having a Redtailed Hawk sit on your wrist also is pretty amazing. Both make you feel so connected to the world and yet at the same time you realize just how small of a part you are in it. 

What do you find beneficial about being an artist in South Orange and Maplewood community?

The welcoming and the support of arts in general in SOMA. 

What sort of artwork do you plan on exhibiting in this year’s tour?

More prints on metal and maybe a few on stone. 

Joy Yagid loves to take pictures.

When she is not photographing weddings, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, or local events, she is working on her picture a day project at joyyagid.blogspot.com.

More information can be found on her artist page at the Studio Tour SOMA website.


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