Something Witty This Way Comes — Story Slam

Friday, Feb. 17, $5 at the Burgdorff. Beer for purchase.

We can't think of anything better to brighten up our Monday morning than the prospect of some beer and BS Friday night at Studio B's latest Story Slam.

What's a story slam?

Well, they're not just for Brooklyn anymore. A story slam is an open-to-the-public writing contest where brave scribes bring their best 5-minute story, put their name in a hat, and hope to be called. Three literary agents will listen, chuckle, tear, or snooze — depending on delivery. And at the end of the night a winner will be announced. Bragging rights (and some door prize we rustle up) will be claimed.

So dust bust that short story, tune up yer amusing anecdote, and febreeze that tall tale — an audience awaits to be regaled. 

And by regaled, we mean provided folding chairs in a community room. Keep it short (5 minute limit)!  Brevity is the soul of not mindlessly boring others. 

Friday, February 17
Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts
with special musical guests BLOOMFIELD

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Story Slam Q&A 

What is Story Slam?  See above!

What if I'm too scared to read?  Buck up, or move over so someone else can strut their stuff.

Is five minutes a general guideline? No. At the five minute mark the band will play you off stage like the Oscars. Not a joke. At six minutes we resort to brute force.

What if I only want to listen? Great. Come out and support our writers. You still have to RSVP. Last time we sold out, so you better get a move on.

Can someone else read my stuff? Only if you give everyone in the audience $5 million for dealing with your anxiety and/or your inability to show up. Tomatoes will be thrown.

Will there be beer?  Well, now that you mention it, yes. Not free.

How many writers will be called?  Probably 12.

I can't make this Slam ... will there be others?  We can only hope!
What if I only want to drink? That's something that requires more attention than this Q&A.




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