Able Baker OPEN and More Reasons to Fall for Fall Market

Hightail it to Maplewood Village TODAY for oodles of fun, fashion and fab deals!

A sun-kissed stroll through the town yesterday yielded some super reasons to drop by the delightful Fall Market happening . From deal, demos, tastings and terrific incentives you can happily spend your Saturday enjoying the best our local merchants, artists and eateries have to offer. Here’s a sneak peek of stops you won’t want to miss today:

- Awww, yeah! Maplewood’s most eagerly anticipated opening is FINALLY upon us, ready or not:

“We still have lots to do,” says a surprisingly calm, cool and collected (while the ingenious of busily readied the pull-down custom black boards behind her). “We’ll be able to offer everyone a teaser today, but by Sunday we hope to be serving up croissants for breakfast! We’ll then rolling out an abbreviated menu over the next week until we work out the kinks and are fully up and running.”

– As usual, is plunging into Fall full-steam: “We’ll be hosting a mini pumpkin patch,” she promises. “Come on over and get a free mini pumpkin (while supplies last) that you can then take on over to new location to decorate.”

 - Owner very able Mom, , will be the main hands on the helm today (along with youngest Harvey gal, Julia) for the first Fall Market featuring Maplewood’s hippest new clothing spot. Among the reasons to stop by this Baker Street boutique? “We’ll be offering artisan wool hair wraps,” says Helen. “The stylist is really super and honed her skills in Israel, and they are really textured, designed works of art – more like a ‘dread’ than a braid.”

- always has something amazing up – or on – her sleeve. Today is no exception: “We’ll be taking 15% OFF ALL Fall bags, scarves & clothing,” says Bessey. “In addition to lots of Maplewood merchandise – including our new Fall sweatshirts - local artist will be joining us to share her hand painted works.”

-  You can expect some Fall-tastic flavors from and his fellow team: Fulfill your cravings for all things Octoberfeast with their Bratwurst, Weisswurst or Pork Schnitzel sandwiches, Bratwurst and Weisswurst platter with Spaetzle and red cabbage or Pork Schnitzel platter with Spaetzle and red cabbage. And yes, you’ll be able to wash ‘em all down with a hardy assorted German beers. Yum!

. -  is already Maplewood’s go-to source for impeccably turned out tots, but she also has a fabulous sense of what wee folks find fun, too: “ will be joining us to host an activities table featuring crystal tattoos and incredible cardboard creations for decoration.”

-  Town’s most terrific purveyor of all things toys & play will be ready to roll out some fun Fall Market festivities: “It’s also heartwarming to see our customers coming out to enjoy themselves,” says owner . “We’ll have surprise giveaway and an Angry Bird raffle (no purchase required, 5pm drawing) as well as free tattoos, too. “

- “Fall Market is always fun,” says . “We’ll be doing our famous Boar’s Head hot dog cart with a surprise twist this year. We’ll also be featuring a Martin’s Pretzel samples, which just so happen to go wonderfully well with Crane’s popular horseradish and cheddar spread!”

always have the perfect gift at an arms’ reach and today they’ll have many more for less than you’d ever dream possible, Swing by their always stellar $5 table for fab finds: “We’ll have some super stuff and surprises in store,” says Eileen. “From jewelry to fireplace matches, adorable stuffed animals to eye-catching key rings, linens and much more – you won’t want to miss this sale!”

Yup, there are many places to hit before before making it up to my family’s focal point: - “We’ll be doing a short and sweet Karate demonstration at 3:30 pm across the street from the movie theater,” says Sensei. “Get your shopping done – you don't want miss it.” (With two of his little yellow-belted demonstrators living under my roof, I have a feeling I’d better be there - or else!)

Happy Saturday, Maplewood!


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