CNN Comes to Maplewood

CNN Money profiles small business scene in the Village.


Maplewood Village has definitely caught the eye of network television.

First it was back in November. Now, CNN Money spent a day in the Village, talking to some local merchants about the challenges of owning a small business. 

The episode, which can be seen here, was filmed on May 3, said Julie Doran, manager of the Maplewood Village Alliance. Business owners interviewed include Dan Richer of Arturo's, Reggie Delphin of Freeman's Fish, Cindy Potters of Shed, Michele Bessey of Alan Weiser of Village Wine Shop, John Meade of St. James's Gate and Mary Ann Spencer of Tenth Muse Gallery.

The merchants offer their very honest and realistic perspectives on operating a small business in today's economy. Bessey says she opened shortly before the economy tanked. "If it wasn't for a town where people shop local, I probably wouldn't have made it," she says.

Weiser says it's hard for small businesses to compete against huge entities like Amazon, but small businesses have the edge on offering their customers personalized service.

Richer notes that while Arturo's only has 40 seats, if the owners make sure customers leave happy and satisfied, they will return.

Take a look.

Shamrock1224 May 14, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Too bad they didn't interview Peter K of the Parkwood Diner. We almost couldn't get a seat there last night.


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