Girls — and Guys — Get Dolled Up for Night Out in Maplewood

Maybe it was the Garubo sponsorship, but the ladies were looking fine on Thursday night in the Village.

Casual Fridays may be all the rage in office cubicles across the 'burbs, but Thursday night was a time for getting all dolled up and feeling fancy in Maplewood Village.

Maybe it was the event sponsorship that got everyone inspired — ladies were crowding the counter there to sign up for beauty sessions. Elsewhere, the sidewalks were spilling over with some women sporting killer shoes, pretty spring dresses and well-tended tresses.

Steve Crane went formal (see picture), while Emily Bauer of looked pretty and cool in a white sundress. Bauer was sampling deep-fried pickles outside Crane's Deli while still buzzing with excitement having given away an iPod to a customer.

was looking lovely in an Hermes-inspired print dress at her book signing (co-author Barri Leiner Grant had run out to snatch a swag bag), while the bar at was hopping, serving up specially priced treats and drinks — including a very attractive and quickly quaffed margarita.

Chris Farrow of didn't miss his chance to snag some swag and mingle with the ladies, but quickly hightailed it back to Highland to host Hank Zona pairing wines with Diane Pinder's specialty chocolates.

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