Maplewood Village Reaches 100% Occupancy

MIlestone achieved with rental of the Sirota space on Highland Place.


Mona Lisa Framing has rented the space in the Sirota Building on Highland Place in Maplewood Village, according to Julie Doran, manager of the Maplewood Village Alliance.

"This latest rental...makes the Village one hundred percent occupied, which is pretty exciting," said Doran.

Doran said it has been over four years since the Village has been at 100% occupancy of ground floor retail space.

She said the achievement "speaks volumes to how attractive the Village is as a place to live, visit and work. I think our merchants have done a remarkable job creating a sense of place and sharing that message with residents and visitors."

"This was a great opportunity," said Krista Hyer, owner of Mona Lisa Framing, of the move. For the past ten years, she has operated out of two different spaces on Maplewood Avenue; currently, she shares space at Berk's Art Gallery and does all of her framing offsite in a commercial space.

In addition to saving her roughly twenty hours a week she spends framing on evenings and weekends, "people can see up close how (the framing) works," she said. "(They) will get the complete experience of a picture framing shop up close, and be able to see the color, texture and movement."

Currently, she is undertaking cosmetic renovations to the new, 800-square-foot space. In the new space, she plans to carry more merchandise, including handcrafted, fabric mirrors and frames. 

Hyer will host a grand opening on March 26, where customers can see -- and try out -- her state of the art matte cutting machine. 

“We’re thrilled that (the Village) has reached this incredible milestone," said Doran. "Of course, none of it would be possible without the loyalty of our customers who continue to support our stores and events. Perhaps we will launch a new marketing campaign: 'Maplewood Village – we give 100 percent at 100 percent.'"




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