South Orange - Maplewood Shoppers Look Behind Trader Joe's Label

Local shoppers find their favorites in Millburn

A taste test published by Huffington Post found that many foods sold at nearby Trader Joe's stores have brand-name pedigrees. Are those foods identical to the big names, though?

The Huffington Post report says, "big brands are willing to operate under Trader Joe's cloak of secrecy, under which the 'vendor shall not publicize its business relationship with TJ's in any manner.' "

Michelle H., a shopper at the Trader Joe's in Florham Park, wasn't surprised by the information. "I like their food no matter it comes from, but I always thought that the snacks, especially, reminded me of familiar products from the regular grocery store."

At the Millburn store, Leslie Jardine was ready to name names. "This coffee tastes a lot like Starbucks," she said. "I'm sure the corn puffs are Pirate Booty."

To find out more about which Trader Joe's items are produced by well-known companies, click here. 

Mitch Kelley February 22, 2013 at 08:24 PM
TJs doesn't actually produce any of the food themselves. They use national brands but have the recipe tweaked to fit their strict ingredient requirements.
Sasquatch February 24, 2013 at 12:37 AM
TJ is a place to go to get food you can trust is better for you a little more than a regular grocery store. They sell mostly organic and hard to find foods but nobody ever said someone named Joe makes everything in his own facility. If you want absolute perfection, grow it yourself but that's hard to do...


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