Maplewood in January: More Kickboxing, Fewer Cupcakes?

Local businesses are sometimes affected by their customers' New Year's resolutions -- but it's usually just temporary.


January is the time when people resolve to change their unhealthy habits and turn over a new leaf.

Often, New Year's resolutions revolve around health and fitness. Some Maplewood businesses, such as gyms, fitness centers, and health food stores, report a definite uptick in business this month.

"January is always the most popular time of year as customers make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape and lead a healthier lifestyle," said Maria Calado, owner of Pro Elite Nutrition on Springfield Avenue. "We typically see an increase in weight loss supplements, protein powder and multivitamins sales. In addition to that people are looking for cleansing supplements and also natural stress and sleep aids."

Some gyms gain new customers and see current members flocking back after a long holiday hiatus.

"We...see a lot of people return, meaning they drifted away during the busy-ness of the holidays," said Mindy Catron of Core Mind & Body. Catron said business slows down slightly come February.

Louis Toledo, owner of Maplewood Karate on Baker Street, said that business does surge in January and slows down a bit in February, but "people seem to stick to this kickboxing thing I'm doing for a little longer than the usual quitters."

That should be good news for the newest kid on the Maplewood fitness scene, CKO Kickboxing, which just recently opened its doors in a spot on Springfield Avenue.

Some food businesses notice changes in sales in January, as customers try to shy away from baked goods and other highly caloric treats.

"My New Year's resolution was to cut down dramatically on my cookie consumption," said Irene Langlois. "I have done pretty well in the first three weeks of the year. I actually started going to the gym more in December so I wouldn't count that as a New Year bump." 

Thomas Pauly, owner of Able Baker, said that while sales of butter-laden scones and cupcakes remain relatively steady in January, consumption of skim milk (vs. whole milk or, gasp, cream) doubles. 

Pauly finds it somewhat ironic. "We're known for our butter and cream," he said. 

The bakery's business bounces back -- and then some -- by Valentine's Day, one of the bakery's busiest days of the year.

"Last year, we sold over 400 cupcakes alone on Valentine's Day," Pauly said. 


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