Maplewood Weathergirl: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Frigid temps continue into the weekend - and snow is on the way.


The Maplewood Weathergirl warns of a third day of unusually cold temperatures on Thursday, leading to a chance of snow on Friday.

Thursday will be partly sunny in the morning, brisk and cold with highs in the lower 20s, according to weatherbug.com. The wind chill will make it feel as low as 6 below -- so don't forget those hats and gloves!

Friday looks like more of the same temperature-wise, but with the added bonus (?) of a chance of snow throughout the day and overnight. Light accumulations are possible by the end of Friday night.

The weekend will warm up ever so slightly, with Saturday reaching a high of 28° and Sunday a high of 32°. Wind chills will still make it feel Arctic, though.

Next week looks to be back to normal winter temperatures, reaching the high 30s and even into the low 40s.

After this week, it should feel positively balmy.

"I think it's good that it's cold out," said Maplewood resident Lahna Segarnick. "Before, the flowers were budding around my house — that's not supposed to happen in January."

Ondine Landa Abramson, from South Orange, said, "I don't mind that it's cold, but I wish (the weather) would make up its mind and not be 55 degrees one day and 12 degrees the next."

Maplewood, what do you think of the f-f-freezing temps of late? Are you happy for some "real" winter for a change, or do you wish it would warm up fast? Let us know in comments.

Nick VonKlock January 24, 2013 at 01:20 PM
I'm hoping the cold will do a better job this year of killing mosquito larvae than last year since the county was so bad at controlling them (who comes out to look for mosquitoes at 10 a.m. just to file a report saying there's no activity but fails to check at dusk when, well, there's actually activity?).


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