PHOTOS: Maplewood Buckles Down for Sandy

Merchants, homeowners are boarding windows, filling sandbags and gas tanks -- and hoping for the best.


On Sunday afternoon, shops on Baker Street in Maplewood Village -- including Truly Yours, Shed, Maplewood Karate and Alchemy Hour -- had their windows boarded up and taped in advance of the expected Monday arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Village Barber had a sign taped to its door stating the store was closed "until Storm is over." At No. 165 and Olive & Lizzy, display merchandise was moved out of the windows.

On Dunnell Road, which runs right alongside the Rahway River, one man who identified himself as Mr. Achaibar had boarded up his basement windows and sealed them with cement. 

"I've lived here for thirty years," said Achaibar. "The worst was Hurricane Floyd, the brook came all the way up over the house. With Irene, all the asphalt on the driveway buckled."

But Achaibar was sanguine. "What are you going to do?" he asked.

Meanwhile, lines were still long at the Delta Gas Station on the corner of Valley Road and Oakland Road, as they had been for the last several days. An employee said the station has been "crazy busy all weekend." He said that while there were reports of some gas stations running out of gas, "We are good for now." They are open tonight until 11 p.m.

KangarooBoxing October 29, 2012 at 03:02 AM
I wish I could be sanguine right now. Took on over $100k in damage last year in Springfield. Not done digging out yet, and now this. I'm just scared.


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