Power Outages, Oscar Nominees and CCR Funding Top SOMA News

Here's a look at what piqued readers' interests in Maplewood and South Orange this week.


PSE&G Responds to Latest Power Outage

On Monday night, roughly 1,700 households lost power in a swath of central Maplewood. The outage, which lasted for roughly 90 minutes, was caused by a tree that fell onto a power line on Springfield Avenue and took out parts of a circuit. It was the third such outage since Superstorm Sandy, and some residents are frustrated.

Maplewood' Tim Squyres Nominated for Oscar

Tim Squyres, a longtime Maplewood resident, has been nominated for an Academy Award for Film Editing for the "Life of Pi."

What's Up with the Wagon Wheel?

Some Maplecrest neighborhood residents welcome it while others deem it a visual mess that makes the intersection less safe for pedestrians.

A man was allegedly assaulted and robbed by five teenagers on Chancellor Avenue, according to Sgt. Christopher Black of the Maplewood Police Department.

South Orange Officials Approve Gun Control Resolution

South Orange Board of Trustees Monday approved a resolution in support of gun control, joining Mayors Against Illegal Guns in their efforts.

South Orange Told to "Step Up" in CCR Funding and South Orange Village President Says CCR Support is Possible

In a budget meeting, Maplewood officials worried about the impact on funding and programs without more money from South Orange. Later, SO Village President Alex Torpey said funding is possible, contingent upon a service-level agreement

South Orange Officials Release Water Test Results

The levels of tetrachloroethylene detected do not rise to the level of a NJDEP violation, but are high enough to warrant diligent monitoring.

Sold-Out Crowd for Ira Glass Event

Seth Boyden's "A Conversation with Culture" series got off to a roaring start on Sunday night as Ira Glass and his "This American Life" staff regaled a sold-out audience from the stage of Columbia High School. The event raised over $30,000 for Seth Boyden's Outdoor Learning Center.




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