Shout Outs About Town—Some Good, Some Not So Much

Maplewoodian snares coveted marathon slot, Wall Street Journal annoys, and sweet rewards About Town

If you heard some screams this morning—chances are it resulted from the horror of townsfolk reading the Wall Street Journal or shouts of joy coming from the Romano household.

Tammy Romano tuned into the Today Show just in time to catch her name listed at number nine of the top ten of people picked to run next year's NYC Marathon. The pint-sized Romano responded accordingly. "I started yelling at the top of my lungs and soon had the whole family shouting for joy with me," says the already accomplished marathon runner. Congrats, Tammy!

As for the Wall Street Journal's nasty little groin kick to Maplewood home values, I can only assume it was filler created for content on a slow news day. You can't help but question the agenda of an article based on people's fear of the unknown…I look forward to tossing it into my fireplace tonight.

To end things on a nice note, here's a final little Halloween treat tidbit: Maplewoodian Jessie McLaughlin won the'guess the candy in the jar' contest and was awarded a season gift basket filled with goodies. (I hope it didn't include a subscription to the Wall Street Journal… )


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