Wok On!

A welcome new addition to the Maplewood Village food scene may not yet deliver to your home, but it certainly delivers the goods!

Our family loves us some noodles, so we waited eagerly for the opening of the new Wok Star — which officially opened its doors on March 15 after a few days of a quiet, "soft" opening.

So far, we have not been disappointed. We're not food critics, but we are noodle snobs (in all fairness, we're pretty particular about most food!) and we're delighted to welcome Wok Star to our town.

The noodles aren't the only reasons to frequent Wok Star. The pork buns — oh, the pork buns! — the wings, and the desserts have all been hits in our family. The owners/chefs are accommodating, amiable, and well-trained and their staff is friendly, helpful, and efficient. [You can read all about Aris Vayas and Melissa Kuhn's culinary background, philosophy and menu offerings in Lauren Bright Pacheco's excellent profile of the new eatery .]

See (in this photo essay), then taste, for yourselves!

Wok Star will be one of more than 30 restaurants participating in Maplewood Restaurant Week from March 21-27. Read more about specials and menus and venues here.


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