Five Questions With Maplewood Township Incumbent Marlon K. Brownlee

Marlon K. Brownlee is seeking re-election to the Maplewood Township Committee on Nov. 5.

Marlon K. Brownlee
Marlon K. Brownlee

What other Boards or Committees have you been a part of and how has your experience prepared you for the Maplewood Township Committee?

Prior to joining the township committee I worked on a variety of civic organizations, including serving as PTA president, president of PTA Presidents Council, trustee chair for the Community Coalition on Race, and as a member of the Maplewood recreation advisory committee. Working collaboratively with so many different kinds of people on a variety of goals was important preparation for serving on the township committee. While Maplewood is only four square miles, we have so many people who feel passionately - and sometimes differently - about so many issues that I believe having that kind of experience is key to being a successful member of our township committee.

Why do you want to continue to be on the Township Committee?

Being on the township committee has been everything that I thought that it would be - challenging, yet very rewarding. I enjoy working with people all around town addressing their concerns, and I believe that those I have helped know that I keep the best interest and well-being of all residents of Maplewood uppermost. Former presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm once said that "Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth”. I hope that I am living up to the challenge inherent in those words.

What is your occupation and what makes you qualified for this position?

For over twenty-seven years, I have worked as an information systems consultant, helping companies and organizations around the country achieve their goals via innovative systems initiatives and progressive management strategies. Working with so many people in different situations and helping them implement various kinds of changes has taught me that people often offer differing and yet valuable perspectives; and by listening and truly hearing what they say I can put together solutions that incorporate the best of those diverse viewpoints.

What issues do you plan to tackle if re-elected?

As chair of the Public Safety Committee and Communications Committee, I will continue to identify and implement ways to keep residents safe from crime and to keep residents informed about township matters. For example, in response to some recent incidents, I’ve already asked the Police Chief to review all parks to see what changes can be made to ensure the safety of park visitors. To increase the quantity and quality of communication between the township and residents, I will also continue to expand the Maplewood Community Action Program (MCAP), bringing together representatives of neighborhood associations throughout Maplewood to have an ongoing dialogue with township department representatives.

Why should residents vote for you?

I believe that collectively, Maplewood is headed in the right direction, but many challenges remain and there is still much work to be done. We cannot afford to be derailed from the progress that we've made. To those who have called me, written to me, and spoken to me over the past 3 years - I've learned a lot from listening to your concerns and working through the issues you’ve raised, and do know that if re-elected, I will continue to advocate on your behalf. I look forward to having the opportunity to take on those challenges for all of Maplewood - for you - during another term as a member of the Maplewood Township Committee.

Beatrice Eggbert October 29, 2013 at 02:52 PM
I'd vote for him if on the Wyoming jitney and NJ transit trains he'd make room for other people. Instead this dude always sits in aisle seat, blocking empty seat to others. Rude!!! Lost my vote just 'cause of this. How can you be in public service and be so inconsiderate of others in your day to day life?


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