OLS Fifth grade student inspired to action

Caitlyn in her green attire for the Tag Day at OLS.
Caitlyn in her green attire for the Tag Day at OLS.

It all started as a routine homework assignment for Caitlyn Schaefer. As a fifth grader at Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange, Caitlyn was required to give an oral report on a story in the news for her Current Events class with Miss Stone. The story she selected was about a dog who was thrown out of the window of a moving car, and rescued by a Good Samaritan. The vet examined the dog and said that the he was abused previously from the wounds he saw, and might even lose his eye from the previous abuse.  The Good Samaritan said the dog was the sweetest thing ever and he even wagged his tail during the interview.

Caitlyn was extremely upset by this story, and could not understand how a person could be so cruel to an animal. At this point, her distress turned to action. She asked her mother what she could do to help. Caitlyn, her mother Nancy, and OLS Principal Sister Judith Blair decided to do a tag day to help raise funds for the Humane Society. The tag day allowed students to wear green attire instead of their normal uniforms on St. Patrick’s Day in exchange for a donation to the Humane Society. Caitlyn announced the day before an assembly of the school, and on the day of the event the students supported the initiative en masse.

The entire family of Our Lady of Sorrows congratulates Caitlyn on her initiative and caring, and looks forward to helping her develop as a future leader in our community.

Anne Servitto March 18, 2014 at 10:33 AM
It's so great to see such compassion in such a young lady. Clearly her parents and school are doing something right. Congratulations.


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