Judge: Complaint Against St. James Gate Bartender Should Move Forward

A judge ruled on Thursday the citizen's complaint against James Meade has probable cause.

A Bloomfield municipal court judge ruled a complaint accusing a Maplewood bartender of assaulting a patron should move forward. 

Chief Municipal Magistrate Judge John A. Paparazzo found probable cause Thursday after hearing testimony from 24-year-old South Orange resident, Ethan Kresofsky, accusing St. James’s Gate Publick House's bartender, James Meade, of assault.

Kresofsky testified in connection with a Jan. 8 incident in which he asked Meade for a drink at about 1:40 a.m. and Meade allegedly said no. When asked why, Kresofsky told the judge Meade made a homophobic slur aimed at him.

The verbal altercation soon turned violent, Kresofsky said. 

"He was noticeably intoxicated," Kresofsky said. The two began shoving and grabbing. Kresofsky told the judge the two spat at each other and Meade then punched Kresofsky in the face. 

The two then made their way outside, he told the judge, where his friends were holding Meade back.

"I was antagonizing him," Kresofsky said. "[Meade] saw his opportunity, pushed my friend and punched me in the face. Then he ran up and kicked me in the face."

Kresofsky told the judge he went to Saint Barnabas Medical Center that night and was treated for bruises to his face. 

Meade or a lawyer did not attend the hearing Thursday morning.  

St. James’s Gate Publick House owner John Meade Sr., James Meade's father, issued a press release on Jan. 15, saying, "The recent altercation that occurred outside of St. James’s Gate is an unfortunate and isolated incident." The entire release is attached as a PDF to this article.

Reached at the pub Thursday afternoon, John Meade, Jr., brother of James Meade and also an employee, said the family was taking the matter "seriously."

Saying he wasn't able to comment further, he added, "I'm very upset about it and so are we all."

Check back for more updates on this story as it develops. 

David Goldman January 29, 2013 at 05:15 PM
"Bartenders have the right to pick up a phone and contact the police IF they are threatened. And unless under direct attack or threat of being attacked, should not physically touch any customer-period! The reputation of their establishment will then be held liable. As someone who knows one of the close friends of "the victim," I know firsthand based on medical studies, that a KICK to the head to anyone is potentially blinding, can be a pre-cursor in later years to Parkinson's if concussed hard enough, and potentially life threatening as in "the kick" can KILL someone. So, no one is guilty until the court says so-agreed...but enough info about what happened is OUT and beyond the gay-slur by a bartender whose breath was linked to alcohol, I too have decided that the establishment's public remarks were meek at best w/the guidance they received, and I will not frequent the establishment should the court verify all I have learned about the incident...or, until I learn that the bartender has completed anger management therapy and alcohol treatment. And BTW, the police wrote up this assault w/kid gloves and maplewoodonline.com has wiped out all talk about the incident every time it appears-so, please know many people behind the scenes are trying to minimize the owner's exposure to negative PR about this. Isolated or not-IF a bartender kicked my kid in the face I'd likely be behind bars right now. There is no tolerance for bigotry and physical violence of such a severe nature."
Nancy Heins-Glaser January 31, 2013 at 09:11 PM
This occurrence was on 1/8/13; its reported in todays News Record of 1/31/13. Its good to read a sourced story, rather than just public blog comments - this includes my own. If its been written in the press, I did not see it elsewhere except on local blogs; you had to dig to find it on one blog as it was listed under "food" and other titles not part of "assault charges" NR's story on pg 6 may be out of respect. Discretion isnt always the case with such stories of a personal nature. Board of Ed budgets took front page; numbers are easier to write about than these scenarios in small towns. Blogs challenges us; posts often morph away from the original post. The 1/8/13 local incident took place at a late hour. A patron asked for a drink but was refused; an anti-gay slur is stated to have been made. There's reported spitting, biting and hitting in- & outdoors with employee following a patron outside. Police were called by tenants upstairs of the bar. Per statements, police talked w/people but then suggested they disperse. At NR's deadline, there was no court date yet after judge agreed there was reason to proceed. Why Bloomfield? Maybe its a factor the "accused" is brother of a MPWD policeman? The restaurant's PR note of 1/15 is re-printed: "its an isolated incident"- "the bartender is on medical leave." I hope things proceed so there is light on the truth, justice is served and healing from the hurt begins.
Dan Kings February 04, 2013 at 07:29 PM
I have not been there since, nor will I again. People have a right to visit an establishment without fear of being harassed by a member of the staff. Friend of the family or no, this type of behavior is indefensible.
Mary Ann Uschak February 22, 2013 at 02:33 PM
Go to Highland Place, on Highland Place around the corner. It's what Maplewood Village always was and should be......a polished, respectable town. We saw the reconstruction of Highland Place and could see how much work was done to it. We use to go there when we worked at NJTransit and it was the Winolear. I was there on Sunday, February 17, around 9 PM since it was the beginning of my vacation. It was pleasant as always, and I only stopped frequenting it because I was so busy. I stopped in to relax at the bar and felt comfortable, especially as a woman, without a male escort, or a girlfriend...which is the "NORM" these days, IT'S 2013!! Three cheers for Highland Place!!!!


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