Pool Accidents Injure Teenagers

Two teenagers injured in separate pool incidents over the weekend.

Maplewood fire officials responded to two separate incidents Sunday where two teens were injured and taken to the hospital.
In the first incident at the township pool, Maplewood Fire Capt. Joe Callaghan said, a teenager attempted to do a back flip off a diving board. 
The teen hit his head on the board and received at 7-inch gash to his head, Callaghan said.
He was reported to be both alert and conscious, Callaghan said, but was dazed.
The youth was transferred to the trauma unit at University Hospital in Newark.
In the second incident, a teenager was injured when he dove into a Boyden Avenue pool and allegedly struck his head on the side of the pool and could not feel his extremities.
Several other teenagers at the home saw the incident and told the boy’s mother, who called 911.
Other teens held the youth in the pool, Callaghan said, until firefighters arrived and dove into the pool with a backboard and cervical collar.
The injured teen was taken by ambulance to University Hospital.
His condition is unknown.

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