Woman Arrested for DWI in Maplewood

Police: Car allegedly damaged park bench, tree on Springfield Avenue before coming to a stop.


A 25-year-old Edison Township woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated last weekend after her car damaged a park bench and tree on Springfield Avenue, according to Maplewood Police Capt. John Perna.

Police said when they arrived at the intersection of Springfield Avenue and Prospect Street early Saturday morning, they found driver Danielle Urena and several other occupants inside the car with the engine still running, Perna said.

Police checked the car and believed it had been involved in an accident after examining the damaged park bench as well as a tree near the intersection of Springfield Avenue and Oberlin Street, three blocks from the scene, Perna said.

Officers said they believed Urena had been drinking and administered a sobriety test before arresting her, Perna said.


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