Maplewood Hosts Pet Wellness Program

Begins Thursday with vaccinations and microchips; spay/neuter program is Oct. 25.


The Maplewood Health Department is co-sponsoring a new program focusing on dog and cat wellness. In conjunction with the Associated Humane Society, the program will have two parts.

The first is a wellness clinic for dog and cats that will be held in the Humane Society mobile van at Maplewood Town Hall on Oct. 4 from 9 a.m. to 4pm. Low cost services such as rabies vaccination and microchips will be available.  

The second part will be a spay/neuter program on Oct. 25 beginning at 8 a.m. 

Health Director Robert Roe said he hopes the program will encourage pet owners to take responsibility, especially to have stray cats spayed and neutered. Each year, the Health Department picks up over fifty dead cats that have been hit by cars.

"Too many people do not take proper care of cats and simply feed stray cats," said Roe. "The responsible action is that if you want a cat as a pet, then it should be welcome and cared for in your house, fed inside of the house, receive vaccinations as needed, be licensed just like the dogs, and be spayed/neutered.  It is cruel to leave cats outside and exposed to extremes of weather, diseases and being hit by cars." 


Time: 9:00AM UNTIL 4:00PM


Animals must be healthy and five (5) years or younger and under 60 pounds.
Low-Cost Services Provided:

Elizabethan Collar - $10.00

Microchip - $10.00

Distemper Dogs - $10.00, Distemper Cats - $10.00

For further information call (973)-824-7080 x 118.

Save the Date: Township Spay and Neuter Clinic for Dogs and Cats, Thursday Oct. 25


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