Maplewood Releases Post Office Site Rendering

L&M shares its vision for the proposed post office site redevelopment.

L&M Development Partners Site Rendering.
L&M Development Partners Site Rendering.

The Township of Maplewood has revealed a rendering of the Post Office Site, located at 160 Maplewood Ave.

The Maplewood Township Committee unanimously voted to enter an escrow agreement with L&M Development Partners of Larchmont, NY, after narrowing the selection down from eight developers.

“We need to take this step so we can get to the next phase, which will include a lot more input, we can make more stuff public now, and we can have a more focused and detailed conversation to get this to a project we can all agree on,” said De Luca.

The Township made good on his word to make more information public by releasing a rendering of the proposed site, prepared by L&M.

The preliminary layout includes street level retail space suitable for Kings Supermarket, currently located across Maplewood Ave., a ground floor level of retail spaces, and 25 apartments above. The US Postal Service is considering 1830 Springfield Avenue as a possible property for relocation, the township previously stated on its website.

“As the preferred developer, L&M and the Township will negotiate financial and site details,” the Township posted on its website. “The developer must work with the Village Alliance on the design features of the building. Additionally, L&M and Kings will need to negotiate a mutually agreeable lease.”

Alexandra Birnbaum January 22, 2014 at 06:35 PM
@tomturvey - Did you write "Vic bought the Women's Club...? Oh no I thought the township bought it. So in order to have 25 residents park in town right next to the new building while they commute into the city, we will ask Kings shoppers to walk to the Women's Club parking with their heavy grocery bags... does that make sense? And, it's not about "haters gonna hate" - it's about openness and discussion and appropriateness and context and scale.
H Harvey January 22, 2014 at 07:55 PM
If Kings wants to expand, that means they'll want to sell more stuff, meaning more use of carts. Navigating a cart to the Women's Club is quite tricky. The sidewalks are slanted and getting up and down even the driveway pads is difficult. It's also difficult to get past the diners outside the Trattoria with a cart or going down near the bank and crossing over can be dangerous. The whole direct pathway to the Women's Club lot would need to be improved as well as the lot itself, including additional crosswalks. I wonder if parents with little ones in tow or elders would also opt for the larger, pricier Kings with the navigation of carts or choose the Sop Rite in Millburn as I hear many people choose in the first place. Again, I am hoping for wild success and the opportunity for the residents to give our thoughts, concerns, ideas to our - representatives.
snow man January 23, 2014 at 04:18 PM
As for my vision, I love the idea of Kings moving over there as well as a couple of stories of apartments above, but I'd limit the total height of the building to that of the surrounding buildings (three stories). In addition, taking t33 spots (and potentially 4.5 more) away from the town to give to residents (for which I guarantee they'll be charged handsomely by the building owners) is crazy. As noted above, if you can't park near the market people won't go regardless of how "reasonable" the otherwise undefined walking distance called for in the plan. And the "existing architecture vocabulary" for the plan is utterly basic and makes no mention of character. You know what else also has "clear glass store fronts" (take out anything "ideally"; all that matters is the minimum allowable); upper story windows demarcated with pilasters and stone surrounds and trimmed in stone or wood with lintels in stone or brick; and proportional cornices or eave caps? The LEGO House: http://gil.aminus3.com/image/2009-02-23.html
H Harvey January 26, 2014 at 10:51 AM
Well snow man I think you're right. At this point it's not about what will it be, but how it will look. Will it offer the convenience that a building this size needs? Will it welcome existing and new customers from both the Ave. and the train side? (very important!) Will it create a flow throughout the Village as well as the rest of the town? Will there be direct access from the train and the park? Will there be enough parking for an expanded Kings, additional retail, accommodate increased number of customers and 25+ new residents and their guests in the apartments above? Then theres the fine details, what "story" will this centrally located building tell about our town? And how will it make us proud? I like your ideas about the stone and wood but that's just me. My daughter goes to school in Asheville and I love the Smoky Mountain architecture. But I wouldn't think that would really fit in 2014, artsy and off the beaten path, Maplewood Village. We'll see. I imagine we're all just hoping for something that isn't cookie cutter Montclair/Summit or anything that we're sorry for in a year like the Stationhouse.


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