Maplewood Village Loses Power - Briefly

At around 2:45 p.m., Maplewood Village lost all power for several tense minutes.

In a town where over 90 percent of residences and businesses have been out of power since Hurricane Sandy struck, Maplewood Village has been a last bastion of people in search of food, heat, electricity and camaraderie.

Then, at 2:45 p.m on Thursday, all the shops and restaurants in Maplewood Village suddenly lost power. Patrons at the Maple Leaf Diner gasped.

Mayor Vic DeLuca had just finished updating residents at the Maplewood Library when the power went off. DeLuca said the library was evacuated.

A few tense minutes later, the power came back on. There were whoops and cheers at the Maple Leaf Diner. Patrons were allowed back into the library.

“This might have been a good thing,” said DeLuca, who explained that PSE&G crews were working on restoring power to a section of Ridgewood Road this afternoon.

“They might have temporarily shut down power to the Village while they were working,” he said.

Patch will follow this story and provide updates as we can.

DianaID November 06, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Yesterday, some PSEG workers, actually workers from Texas, were outside my house on Wyoming Avenue. We have been very lucky and have had power since the start of Hurricane Sandy. It was only because I was chatting with them that they explained that to do repairs they had to bring down power in my home as well as some others. We would lose power for at least four or five hours and then it would be restored. And that's just what happened. And they said they were doing similar things in the Village and elsewhere as part of the repairs. The problem is that without a broadcast system - speakers on top of a car? - or some emergency phone service, there is no way to tell people what is going on. I just happened to find out. It would have been far more nerve-racking to lose power and not know why. So, ironcially, I knew the village was down when village stores didn't. Some better approach to communicating while repairing is needed.


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