Mayor Brokers Community Bulletin Board Deal

After negotiating with the Maplewood Village Alliance, the Maplewood Civic Association and concerned citizens, Mayor Vic DeLuca announces there will be two community bulletin boards near the post office.


This release was sent via email by Mayor Vic DeLuca on Friday, May 11:

In pursuit of a resolution to the in , I have been in discussions with the stakeholders.

The actions the Township will implement the week of May 14 respect the interests of the (MVA) and Maplewood Civic Association (MCA). The actions also address the desire of the public to have a "public board" in a prominent place in Maplewood Village.

Background: Years ago the Maplewood Township Committee (MTC) granted approval to the MCA to place bulletin boards around town, including two in Maplewood Village. The boards were for the promotion of non-commercial, civic and community events.

In 2010 the MCA entered into an agreement with the MCA to install a new message board that would be used to promote the businesses and events in Maplewood Village. The MVA is the MTC's designated manager for the Village Special Improvement District and has the responsibility to promote the business district  and implement MTC approved design standards in the Village.

One third of the new board continues to be the responsibility of the MCA in order to publicize community events. This agreement was mutually beneficial in that the MVA got a dedicated board to publicize the Village and MCA got assistance with the board's maintenance. In fact, the MCA has found it increasingly difficult to maintain the bulletin boards.

I have secured the agreement of the MCA and MVA for the following:

  1. The current "public bulletin board" behind Restaurant on the slope of the train tracks will be moved to Maplewood Avenue. It will be placed in a planted strip to the left of the entrance to the post office. This will remain as a public bulletin board for non-commercial, civic and community events.
  2. The new message board will remain the responsibility of the MVA for promotion of Village businesses and events. The Township will install plants in the two planting strips on each side of the entrance to the parking lot.
  3. There will continue to be 2 bulletin boards in Maplewood Village.
  4. Volunteers working through the MCA will maintain the public bulletin board. I spoke to Paul Surovill, a leader of the board restoration group, about the maintenance responsibilities.
  5. Both bulletin boards (MVA and public) will be affected by the post office redevelopment. Prior to the demolition on the post office site, the MTC will relocate the two boards within Maplewood Village.


I am glad we could work out a resolution and thank the MCA and MVA for their cooperation. I look forward to working with Paul Surovell and others to craft a board maintenance plan.

Let's now spend our energy on keeping Maplewood Village as a vibrant shopping and entertainment district.

Jeremiah Birnbaum May 12, 2012 at 01:35 AM
I'd be fine with this if only the current bulletin board that is now set to be moved ("Arturo's") stayed in its current position. Does our town history matter to no one here? Great, moving a bulletin board back to prominence is fabulous. Bring back the one that was taken down, or rebuild it. Don't mess with the town...again! - Jeremiah Birnbaum, Maplewood since 1983
Prosper May 12, 2012 at 02:29 AM
For this , you interrupted my dinner?


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