News-Record: DeLuca Will Be Mayor Again in 2012

Vice Mayor Kathy Leventhal had been considered as next in line for the position.

The News-Record is reporting that Vic DeLuca will again be Mayor of Maplewood in 2012, despite expectations that Vice Mayor Kathy Leventhal might next be stepping into that position.

Leventhal tells the News-Record that she will be concentrating on two initiatives in 2012: The Rahway River Greenway Project and a wellness campaign. Leventhal will remain second in command but her title will change from Vice Mayor to Deputy Mayor, according to town leaders. Read the full News-Record story here.

DeLuca, who won election to his fifth Township Committee term in November, will be installed again as Mayor on January 1. This will be DeLuca's fourth straight year as mayor. He also served as mayor from from 2000 through 2003. (Maplewood Township Committee members select the mayor from amongst themselves on a yearly basis; the mayor is not chosen in a general election.) Read more about DeLuca's tenure .


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