She's a Beauty: Maplewood's New/Old Bulletin Board

The most blogged-about bulletin board in town is cleaned up and in place.

When the bulletin board near the post office suddenly disappeared from Maplewood Village some weeks ago and was replaced by a new, locked kiosk, the outcry was immediate and intense.  Read all about it .

Then, Mayor Vic DeLuca that seemed (at least for now) to please all parties. The township took a bulletin board that had been located on Baker Street behind Arturo's and relocated it to a brand new, and highly visible, spot on Maplewood Avenue -- on the other side of the post office from where the old one stood for many years.  Joe Strupp of Maplewoodian chronicled the operation on Wednesday.

Locals who had protested the original board's removal pitched in to dislodge decades-old staples, and now the tidied-up board is most definitely ready for its closeup. Flyers and notices about local concerts, rummage sales and other events have already been posted. Volunteers have agreed to help maintain the board, including removing expired notices and cleaning up litter.

May the board be with us for years to come...or at least until the post office is redeveloped.


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