Township Bonds $55K for Skateboard Park Surveillance System

The no-bid contract to upgrade camera surveillance at the skateboard park was approved by the town council.

The cost to monitor the goings-on at a Woodbridge skateboard park will cost a tenth of the price of the skateboard park itself.

The Woodbridge council approved a resolution that will fund an almost $55,000 camera surveillance system to be upgraded at the skateboard park located next to the Evergreen Center in the Colonia section of the township.

The skateboard park itself cost $500,000 in borrowed money. It still hasn't been officially opened yet, but that hasn't stopped skateboarders, including some with New York license plates, from using the park on a daily, and noisy, basis.

The skateboard haven is located cheek-by-jowl with St. John Vianney Church, whose proximity to the township-run skateboard park has proven to be a headache. Litter, noise, cursing, and the constant use of the park from dawn to dusk - and the parking of the skateboarders on church property - has caused church officials to complain to the township administration that something has to be done.

The Woodbridge town council included the $54,800 camera surveillance resolution in two bits of business at the December 4 council meeting.

The first was the second reading of an ordinance that would limit parking at the St. John Vianney parking lot to parishioners and people there on church business.

The camera surveillance resolution was awarded in a no-bid contract Integrated Systems and Services, Inc. of Eatowntown. The resolution approved bonding the money for the camera system.

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CKS December 13, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Just post your address at the skatepark and leave the back door open so they can use your bathroom.
Tom Maras December 13, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Hey Jimmy, Ms. Bell didn't post the cartoon, I did. Next time read the caption and credits, before you accuse someone of anything. Perhaps, if you and those like you paid more attention to want your elected officials are doing with everyones money, we would not behaving this discourse!
Tom Maras December 13, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Hey sly, at who's expense? How much revenue are those kids or their parents bring to the community/ $500,000.00+++++? Glad Mac can afford you, Woodbridge can't!
Tom Maras December 14, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Sincere apologies to Ms. Bell for my inserting a cartoon in her article. Apparently, some readers didn't notice the credits for the cartoon posting and assumed Ms. Bell had done it. She did not nor did she know that I had, until after the fact. In March 2011, I blogged about $7.1 Million in new spending by the McCormac Administration, which included monies for the skate board park. A link to that blog, which now includes the cartoon that Ms. Bell correctly removed from her article, follows: http://woodbridge.patch.com/articles/71-million-in-borrowed-debt-is-pork-barrel-spending-woodbridge-cant-afford
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