Township Committee to Introduce New Pool Fees

The fees are proposed to go up about 30% over last year.

New fees for 2012 that increase membership rates approximately 30% over the 2011 are being introduced at the Township Committee meeting tonight, Feb. 7.

If passed upon introduction, the new fees will have a hearing and go to a final vote at the Feb. 21 Township Committee meeting.

At the Jan. 3 Township Committee meeting, this year in order to pay for debt service on the more than $1 million in bonds issued to pay for which will debut this season.

The improvements include two new waterslides, a new pool deck with better drainage, new dive platforms and diving boards, and handicapped accessible ramps into the pool.

The proposed fees for 2012 are:

Membership Categories 3/15-4/30 5/1-7/31 after 8/1 Individual $200 $240 $120 65 and older $145 $185 $ 90 College student (18-23) $160 $200 $100 Couple $335 $375 $185 Family (3-7 members) $375 $415 $210 Family (8+) $460 $500 $250 Family & Caregiver $560 $600 $300

Guest passes will be $10 for adults and $5 for children. An adult book of 5 passes will be $40; a children's book of 5 passes would be $25.

The 2011 rates were as follows:

Membership Categories 3/17-4/30 5/1-7/31 after 8/1 Individual $145 $185 $80 65 and older $115 $155 $ 85 College student (18-23) $115 $155 $ 85


$250 $290 $130 Family (3-7 members) $280 $320 $155 Family (8+) $335 $385 $165 Family & Caregiver $400 $460 $215
KSSR February 07, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Tax and spend Democrats at it again... Do you ever wonder if there is a correlation between Democrat rule and the substantial rise in taxes and fees over the last 10-20 years?
Lauren Bright Pacheco February 07, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Why in the world is there a 40% additional charge directed at families that employ a caregiver to join our ‘community’ pool? It makes absolutely NO sense: If my caregiver's at the pool with my kids it's only because my spouse and I are at work: She's taking our place -NOT taking up additional space, so it doesn’t make much sense that the pricing system has caregivers set up as an ‘additional person’. PLUS, what if you have one or two kids?! Not the 'up to 5' obviously allowed in the 3-7 person 'family' range? It is a COMMUNITY pool, and working parents - and their families - are part of Maplewood. Wouldn’t a M-F status for the caregiver - with a photo ID - at no – or slight- additional charge to family membership be a fair proposal? Such a change would be much more fair and more in keeping with common sense than a 40% overcharge. Shouldn’t the policy be updated to reflect the reality and needs of our community?
Elizabeth February 07, 2012 at 07:49 PM
I agree with Lauren. Plus the pool is now costing more than $50 a week. For those of us who are working parents and only using the pool on weekends and an occasional evening, it is a far better value to buy individual passes than a membership. It seems to me that the township would benefit with the guaranteed membership income rather than hoping that residents come at the same frequency.
megan young February 08, 2012 at 01:42 PM
At this rate, they are going to have to start handing out scholarships in order for it to be called a "Community Pool"! This new pricing pretty much excludes a huge section of the population of Maplewood. Why isn't there more options, such as, only weekend rates or, after 5pm rates. Now that we all are issued ID's with bar codes it should be a simple procedure. If this is how the prices are going to stand, then please stop the charade and remove" Community" from the name. Shame on you, Township Committee, Shame on you!
Ann Wedderburn July 14, 2012 at 05:22 PM
I totally agree with you guys. They just don care it's all about the money what about the families that are less fortunate. It's summer time and those kids would like to have fun too ....bottom line we all should boycot it for one year.shame on you township committee .kids in Newark ,SourhOrange are enjoying free community pool. What abut us


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