Trees Start to Come Down, Power Losses Widen

Reports started coming in Monday afternoon of widespread downed trees

Updated, 6 p.m: A reader reported that around 5:30 p.m., a large pop was heard on Maplewood Avenue between Jefferson Road and downtown, and the street is reportedly now closed.

Mayor Vic DeLuca is reporting on Maplewood Online that Kendal Avenue and Tuscan Road between Valley and Prospect also are closed.

Sangeeta Rao posted on Maplewood Patch's Facebook page that "two huge trees are down on Roosevelt" and power is out on part of that street.

There is a tree down on North Crescent, and power is out on Courter Avenue.

There are increasing numbers of reports of downed trees and power lines this afternoon throughout Maplewood, due to the increasing severity of Hurricane Sandy. Reports are coming in regarding numerous streets including New England Road, Woodland Road, Lenox Place, Ridgewood Road, Jefferson Road, S. Wyoming Avenue and Crest Drive among others.

Katie Simpson reports a downed cherry tree in her front yard on Jefferson Road, around 3 p.m. Judie Hurtado confirmed that a tree is down on Girard Place and police have closed down the street. Power is also out on that street.

Michael Liquori reported a tree down on New England Road, and another was reported on Maplewood Patch's Facebook page by Wendy Wolski.

Barbara Heisler commented on Maplewood Patch's Facebook page: "Just heard one was down on Mountain (Golf Island.)"  Jen Thorson reports a tree down and power out on Sunset and Wyoming.

Readers: Thank you for your reports. Continue to let us know of downed trees and power lines, power outages etc. Please keep safe.


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