CHS Softball Supports Red Bandana Project

Columbia High School team will play Newark Academy in character building initiative.


Welles Crowther always wanted to be a firefighter.  After graduating from Boston College, he became an equities trader in the World Trade Center.  On September 11th, he took charge and led several groups of survivors down to safety.  He is responsible for saving at least a dozen people.

Now, the legacy of the young man from Nyack, New York, known for carrying a red bandanna since the age of 6, is being spread as an example of playing fair and helping others.

Crowther’s story was featured in an ESPN documentary in 2011 that won an Emmy Award. (see video attached). His life story and the film are key components of a curriculum that creates opportunities for learning about love and forgiveness. Developed by the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust, which was founded by Welles' family, the curriculum will be shared with K-12 students and athletes.

CHS is one of the pilot schools participating in the character building curriculum for the Man With the Red Bandana Project.  Each week, a bandana is awarded to a softball player who best demonstrates Welles' character.  The previous winner passes it to the new player and they have it for the week.  The red bandana symbolizes strength, honor and courage.

On Friday, April 19, 7 p.m., the Columbia High School Softball team will celebrate The Red Bandana project in a game vs. Newark Academy.  At 6:55 pm, Welles’ parents- Jefferson and Alison Crowther, will throw out the first pitch.  The game is scheduled to be held on Meadowlands Field #3, across from Floods Hill.  



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