Thursday: Columbia HS Writers Host Open Mic Night

Guildscript hosts a poetry reading -- all are welcome -- on Thursday, Dec. 13

Within the halls of Columbia High School exists tremendous poetic and literary talent, a fact that is duly represented in the Writer’s Group of Guildscript, CHS’s award-winning literary magazine. The Writer’s Group meets once a week, with writers spanning all grade levels gathering to participate in poetry prompts, share work, and receive and administer feedback in the form of both praise and constructive criticism. After attending, a sophomore student remarked the following day that, “I went home right after and wrote for an hour.” In addition to both poetry and fiction prompts, members are invited to bring work written individually to share. 

Says Guildscript advisor and CHS English teacher Lauralee Lubrano, “I love seeing students grow as writers right before my very eyes, and to see that they are motivated to write. It’s unbelievable.”

Many members of Writer’s Group are also active in Guildscript’s editorial board, which organizes poetry readings, known as open mic nights, as well as selects the pieces that appear in Guildscript’s annual publication. The first of these poetry readings will be held on December 13 at 3:15 p.m. in the Blackbox Theatre, and is open to all Columbia High School students.

This piece appears courtesy of SOMSD and was first published here.


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