District: Gas Odor Harmless, Related to PSE&G Work

Odor led to brief evacuation of Marshall School, says SOMSD Superintendent.


South Orange - Maplewood School District Superintendent Brian Osborne sent the following email Thurday morning:

SOMSD Community,

As you know, the safety of our students and staff is always our top priority.

We noticed an odor of gas at some of our schools and contacted PSE&G to ensure that this was not an indication of hazardous conditions.  PSE&G informed us that they are engaged in a routine maintenance process in Livingston, which involves releasing small quantities of gas into the air.  The related odor is currently detectable in some areas of South Orange and Maplewood.  The maintenance is scheduled to finish in approximately one hour, and the odor should dissipate soon thereafter. 

In the meantime, PSE&G assures us that the odor does not pose any danger to students or staff.

Marshall School was briefly evacuated due to the odor, but students and staff returned inside once PSE&G confirmed that the building was safe.  Aside from this short evacuation at Marshall, we are continuing our normal routine in each of our schools.

We are grateful to our partners in the Maplewood and South Orange Fire Departments and to the staff of PSE&G for their quick response and assistance in this matter.


Brian G. Osborne, Ed.D.


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