Maplewood Middle School Shows Off for Fifth Graders

MMS in Action Night lets September's sixth graders take a peek at their new school.

It was Maplewood Middle School's turn to show off on Thursday night with its School in Action Night. Part celebration and part presentation, the night celebrated the school's own as the school opened itself up to next year's sixth graders.

There were also fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, which could be smelled from a block away. More on that later.

Prospective sixth graders and their parents wandered in and out of classrooms. A concerned parent was overheard asking, "Do you think you'll be able to find your way around?" (There was no response from the student.)

Walls and classrooms were filled with current student work. Language arts, math, science and history, to name a few subjects, were all on display. Proud MMS parents strutted from one room to the next.

Projects were spread out on tables for all to see. Adventure stories, some over 20 pages long, were available for everyone to read. Ms. O'Sullivan, sixth grade language arts teacher commented on the stories, "And they're good too! I can vouch for that!" Additional assignments included letters to future selves and to long deceased historic figures, personal messages and poems.

Science included projects that looked at fat in fast food, what made tomato plants grow fastest — and chickens. Yes, real live baby chicks, hatched in class. There are no plans for the chicks to end up in a Maplewood backyard.

Art included treasure boxes and ceramic food that looked good enough to eat.

Speaking of food, the very last home economics class at MMS baked the most delicious cookies. The aroma drifted out into the night and could be detected  across the street at the library, making passersby wish that they too were at Middle School in Action Night.


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