Photo of the Day: Columbia HS Students Take it to the Spectrum

The CHS Club "Spectrum" represented at the North Jersey Pride Festival

Columbia High School student-members of the Spectrum Club, along with advisor Dr. Ramon Robles, represented at Sunday's North Jersey Pride Festival. Along with dozens of other groups, vendors, and restaurants, the Spectrum members greeted members of the public who came to the Maplewood event.  The group offered purple Hershey's kisses and information about the CHS club -- which is the high school's gay-straight alliance -- and most of all, the South Orange - Maplewood teens offered a warm welcome to a day of family, tolerance, and fun. 

Pictured here are Dr. Robles, Lucy Schmitz, Russell Pinzino, and Zeke Maben. 


Interested in joining Spectrum or attending a meeting? Stay tuned for announcements in the fall and look around CHS for signs. All are welcome!


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