Yankee Player Recalls His Favorite Childhood Baseball Memories

MLB All-Star Mark Teixeira didn’t always wear navy blue and white—he started with orange and black.


Every Major League Baseball (MLB) fan has a home team that they root for. Even though is the first baseman for the New York Yankees, he started as a proud Baltimore Orioles fan. Patch sat down with Teixeira to find out more about his baseball heroes—and his #1 fan, who has never changed. 

Q. Who was your favorite player and what was your favorite team growing up?

A. My favorite player was Yankee first baseman Don Mattingly.  He had a sweet batting stroke and was smooth with the glove. So it’s pretty cool that I am now playing first base with the Yankees.  

My favorite team was the Baltimore Orioles, my hometown team. Some of my best memories as a kid were of going to O's games with  my dad and watching them play on TV during summer nights.

Q. Who made a big difference when you were still young and playing baseball?

A. My dad was always my best coach and biggest fan.  He taught me how to play the game, which was not only mechanics and strategy, but sportsmanship.  My dad is still my biggest fan, but now he leaves the coaching to the Yankees staff!

Q. What is your favorite childhood baseball memory?

A. My favorite memories as a child were the many games I went to see with my dad.  Along with the local Oriole games at Memorial Stadium, my dad took me to the old Yankee Stadium, Three Rivers in Pittsburg, Arlington Stadium, and the Astrodome in Houston.  All of those fields have since been torn down and the teams play in new ballparks.  

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