The Angelo Family Reflects on Kick it Kohl Fundraiser

The recent fundraiser generated funds and goodwill for the family

The recent was a tremendous success, say organizers, guests, and the Angelo familiy. A friend of the family asked Patch to send this public thank you to the community:

Dear Friends and Family:

There are no words to fully express how grateful we are for the outpouring of support, generosity, sweat and love that went into planning and executing the Kick It Kohl Event on May 12th.  The Woman's Club of Maplewood was filled with almost 300 people, all of them there for our little boy, Kohl.  It touched our hearts.  A special thank you to our Kick it Kohl Committee...REGINA ROMANAUX, REBECCA BASCIO, SARAH CHALK, MICHELLE MCNABB and NATALIE SCHICKEL...who organized this wonderful event.  Without their tireless efforts, we would not have had such an outstanding evening!   

Many, many people gave.  The donations for the silent auction, the live auction, the raffle, the food, the beverages, the decorating, the space itself, the entertainment, the set up, the clean up, our cooks and bakers - are all a monumental tribute to the human spirit, and we, as a family, will never forget, never stop being thankful for all that has been done for us.

It is impossible to name everyone, but we want to acknowledge TOM KERNS, AMY JO CURRAN & THE HK COMMUNITY FUND for all that they have done for us since November and continue to do, and for sponsoring the Woman's Club for the incredible event.  You are our GUARDIAN ANGELS!  And many thanks to CHRISTINE HYDER, for donating her expertise as a party planner and sponsoring many of our party rentals; OLENDER FELDMAN LLP & SCOTT & PHYLLIS POLO for sponsoring the iPAD raffle; BUNNY'S RESTAURANT, VILLAGE TRATTORIA, EDEN GOURMET & ABOVE, ROMAN GOURMET, THE MAPLELEAF, O'REILLY'S, and GODFATHER PIZZA, for their OVERWHELMING contributions to the buffet; ST. JAMES GATE for the ice cold beer; DALE NOELLE-WEIL for obtaining a plethora of wine; bartenders FRANCINE & TIM GIANNI who kept us from being thirsty; ISABEL DANIELAK and JOAN & GARY ANGELO for party supplies, snacks and more; JEREMY MOSS as DJ JERSEYFOX for spinning the tunes, and MC DEREK ROMANAUX for keeping the unforgettable night rolling along.

Finally, we want to thank all of you who came, who couldn't be there, but donated anyway, who have said prayers and shown love and kindness. Because of all of you, and your generosity, the night exceeded our expectations on all counts. It is unbelievable, it is amazing, and it will go far in helping Kohl Kick It.

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!

With love and eternal gratitude,

Kelly & Peter Angelo


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