Deborah Goldstein
Deborah Goldstein was born in New York, spent her childhood in the suburbs of Chicago and returned to the tri-state area after living in London long enough to become a subject of the Queen.  She lives with her wife and 2 sons and some goldfish she reluctantly inherited from a neighbor.  Her professional background is in media sales, but after a couple of kids and lots of time in front of a computer screen, the inner-writer emerged. 
Deborah has contributed to AfterEllen.com, The MotherHood and The Local.  Her blog, Peaches & Coconuts, won Best Personal Blog 2009 from The Lesbian Lifestyle website for her humorous depiction of life in a rainbow-stickered mini-van.  She was also a Community Keynote speaker for BlogHer 2010 in New York City. You can contact Deborah at deborah@peachesandcoconuts.com.
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