Louis Toledo, Martial Arts & Kickboxing Instructor
Master Instructor, kyoshi Louis Toledo Louis is 51 years old and holds a 9th Dan in Shura Jutsu Fighting Arts. Louis is a two time I.A.M.A Hall of famer where he recieved the Master Martial Arts Instructor of the year award in 2008 and 2009.  Louis is also a former full-contact karate competitor and a United Nations Champion.
In April, 2010, Louis Toledo received the who's who in the martial arts international pioneer award, for decades of martial arts commitment, dedication and production of fine upstanding students and instructors. Louis is the founder of Shura Jutsu fighting arts, a mixture of Japanese and Okinawan core Karate, blended into an effective yet still traditional self-defense system. Louis can be found teaching a martial arts and kickboxing at his studio in Maplewood. http://www.maplewoodkarate.net.
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